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Celebration of life.. Be.."

Reach Out..
Reach Out
Grasp a star
By its tail
Thread the hole
In the soul
The blank
The tip of the waves
In the blank blue sky
On your ashen face
As they drip
From the being
Of pregnant raindrops
Into the vacuum
Of today...
Be... Be... Be...
by Rooma Mehra

a sigh
that shrouds
the sky
in layers
layers, layers
of gloom
until a piece of sky
is wrenched from its
starry roots
and falls so heavy
on a shaky earth
that it quakes..

a sigh
wrenched from
the darkest depths
of a heart
turned so cold
in the increasing
tightness of
the grasp
of the hand
of death
that it screams

a sigh
that shivers
and weeps
before it is
finally grasped
by cold, damp hands
from a dying heart
to shroud
the sky
in a pall
of pain
that falls
so heavy
on the earth
that it screams
and quakes..
Today, the sky
has been torn
from above my head
and the earth
beneath my feet
shivers and shakes..

I miss you, Mama